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About Santa Barbara Giclée


Nancy Gifford


Captured by The Product 
Studio. Art reproduction division: Santa Barbara Giclée.

Santa Barbara Giclée has been providing fine art capture and reproductions to Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta, Santa Ynez and Los Olivos since 1999. We have provided numerous local artists with archival quality art reproductions on a variety of substrates including canvas, water color paper and cloth. We proof each piece and color correct where needed prior to printing your giclée or large format print.



Emanuel Leutze "Washington Crossing the Delaware"


Captured by Santa Barbara Giclée in extreme hi resolution as you can see from the inset eye image .

Santa Barbara Giclée specializes in high resolution capture and scanning; as well as archival reproductions of fine art and photographs. We print using the highest quality pigmented inks and coatings onto 100% archival watercolor papers, canvas, and cloth substrates.

Santa Barbara Giclée is located in downtown Goleta, CA.
Please call us at 805-692-5207 or


Santa Barbara Giclée worked in the FACL studios to digital capture this high resolution. We digitally captured over 250, 3ft by 16ft wide panels. We captured them in 16bit 200 mega pixels each. The final product is an NFT and a 100 foot tall art piece. The final art piece was displayed in Tokyo.

Giclee Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Giclée executed possibly one of the largest art captures and reproduction ever made. We were tasked with photographing a large painting which was hanging in a bank. We were asked to do this because the painting was due to return to its place on the wall of the Santa Barbara Courthouse. We had to create a system to accurately capture the color and shape and then reproduce it on canvas. When placed side by side no one could tell them apart.

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Services & Pricing

Digital Capture of Original Artwork:

$150 per piece of art—always best to see artwork for an acurate quote.

$100/hr for color correction and extensive photoshop work.

Archival Printing Substrates and Pricing:

Santa Barbara Giclée, a division of The Product Photography Studio prints on a wide variety of substrates.

Standard Non-archival paper: $15/sq/.ft.


On archival matte paper: $20/sq.ft.


Archival Canvas material: $25/sq.ft. 


Canvas Stretching: Call or email for quote


Vinyl banners: $12/sq.ft.

Mounting & Laminating


Call or email for quote

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This content was created by
Santa Barbara Giclée

for FACL to showcase 
Kent Twitchell's
"Michael Jackson," as it would appear full size on a skyscraper in downtown Tokyo.


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For more information about Giclée printing in
Santa Barbara, Send us an email!

148 # Aero Camino, Goleta, CA         Tel: 805-692-5207 

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